Hop, Skip & a Jump



Small Group Sessions

These sessions are geared for children with a greater need for guidance and assistance. Our activities move slowly and adapt to the abilities of the children. Children are engaged in simple music activities, low-impact tumbling, safety scooters and easily performed parachute movements - all with close instructional supervision. Class sizes do not exceed 8 children.

Integrated Group Sessions

In these classes, typical developing peer models are partnered with our special needs participants. We strive for a 1-1 peer- to-partner ratio. Activities are slightly more challenging and move at a faster pace than the small group sessions. We provide obstacle courses, playground activities and parachute play among others. Simple relay races and games involving team cooperation take place. Integrated groups do not exceed 16 children and usually have one to two staff instructors guiding the class.

All Classes...

Function on an instructional level, with the group moving together from one activity to the next. Free play is provided in the time allocated between classes. We strive to move at a pace that maximizes each child's participation. Music is an ever-present factor in our classes.



What Kids Are Into

Your child will experience first-hand our philosophy of making a friend and being a friend by working and playing together with what all kids are "into these days". This advanced social class focuses on social skills using Wii, computer and DS games, Legos, Pokemon, silly bands, action figures and more. Social skills are taught and then practiced in a more natural setting using situations that most kids would encounter in their daily lives. This amazing program allows children to learn compromise, listen and focus on others and to express their own feelings and ideas...all through having FUN!

Hop, Skip & Chat

Designed to strengthen and expand your child's continuing language and communication skills, this class is lead by instructors with experience in language and speech pathology. Participants are guided through interactive communication activities and language-based games as our skilled HOP staff facilitates on-task successes for your child! This novel approach encourages children to join in the fun of making a friend and being a friend!

TEEN Hoppin'

This exciting new class is specifically designed for teenagers. Based on HOP's core philosophy of having fun and making friends, this program focuses on age-appropriate games and activities that strive to meet the social and communication needs of this particular level. Class is led by instructors who are experienced with this specific age group. Fun, engaging and age-appropriate activities, songs and games that promote group cooperation and interaction is the backbone of this HOP program. Typical peers help provide appropriate social modeling skills.

Little Hoppers

Geared toward our younger Hoppers (age 2 1/2 - 5) this class features our HOP favorites with a touch of "free play" to help encourage social interaction. Typical peer models are mixed in with our Little Hoppers to build friendships. All children are involved in an interactive play setting geared to strengthen social and motor skills and. most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Playground Survival Skills

This class is specifically geared for special needs children who are included in a mainstreamed classroom. We introduce activities that children are exposed to on the playground, at recess and in after school activities. This one-of-a-kind program features social skills survival techniques that begin with an understanding of playground games. Activities are taught in a structured environment, breaking down the steps of playground games to promote success for each child. This integrated class pairs up special needs children with their typically developed peers. Activities include kickball, four-square, basketball drills, flag tag, T-ball, hopscotch, jump rope and much more.

Playground 101

This class has been designed as a stepping stone between our regular integrated class and Playground Survival Skills in an effort to "raise the bar" so to speak for some of the children we feel can handle more advanced activities and are ready for some higher social challenges. We begin by introducing simple team-oriented games that are played in physical education classes at the elementary grade levels as well as some social skill activities that we've had successes with in our other classes. Following rules & directions, completion of tasks required to succeed in sports activities, sportsmanship and taking turns will be all be addressed. Name recognition, listening to others and appropriate social behaviors will also be covered in a manner that is not too overwhelming or fast paced. As always, we'll tackle these challenges through tons of fun! We'll be playing such games as kickball, basketball, Capture the Flag, & Four Square all modified to the group's ability level. Board games will be introduced as a learning platform for turn-taking and other social skill nuances. As in all other classes, typical peers participate to provide appropriate social modeling.